Canadian Parents Waiting To Be Reunited With Their Children

Jean Claude With The Gifts He Will Mail To His Children, Milca

And Riphat, Who Live In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

Years of Separation:    9

Habibo Waiting For Her Son Hassan Who Lives As A Refugee In Kenya

Years of Separation:    6

Skipper Driving To The Bank To Send Money To His Daughter Saira, Who Lives In Guyana, Though He Knows She Will Not Receive The Full Amount

Years of Separation:    6

Narmin Wearing The Headscarf Sent To Her By Her Daughters, Nehreen, Sofia and Nadya, Who Live As Refugees In Kenya

Years Of Separation:10

Ummi Showing Her Canadian Born Son A Picture of His Sister, Sumeya, In Ethiopia

Years of Separation: 6

Amleset At The Playground Where She Hopes To Bring Her Adopted Daughter Danait, Who Lives In Eritrea (Her Deceased Brother's Child)

Years of Separation:     4

Mohamed With Phone Cards He Uses To Call His Children, Omar, Keyf and Mustaf, Who Live As Refugees In Kenya

Years Of Separation:4

Nadine Holding The Death Certificates of Her Two Sons, Giress And

Wolf, Who Died In A Bus Accident During Their Period of Waiting

Years of Separation:    8 Years Until Death Of Children

Canadian Families Who Have Been Successfully Reunited

Abdi With His Daughter Faduma Who Arrived In Canada Three Weeks Before

Years Of Separation:3

Zamzam With Her Daughter Sarah In Their Home In Brampton

Years Of Separation:     7

All photos by Anna Hill for Settlement Arts

All photos © Settlement Arts, 2009

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